What is the UW Travel Program?

The University of Wisconsin System has a managed travel program with a variety of carefully selected contracted vendors; use of these vendors is required for reimbursement. All institutions follow the same general policy. There are required methods of booking your travel that must be used in order to be reimbursed. Contact your institution’s travel manager or request a training if you have further questions after viewing the information on this site.

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Getting Started:

Prior to Making Travel Arrangements:

Prior to purchasing airfare or making other travel arrangements, travelers must obtain approval for business travel from the traveler’s designated approving authority. Pre-trip approval requirements vary by institution and often by division/department. It is traveler’s responsibility to follow all internal travel approval procedures prior to making trip reservations.

Out of state trips will most often include airfare as the mode of transportation. If another mode of transportation is being considered for a trip when air transport appears to be the most economical or logical, review Determining the Appropriate Mode of Transportation prior to making arrangements.

When planning a University business trip all travelers must determine the necessary date for arrival to allow sufficient time to prepare for the business to be conducted.  Actual business travel dates, supported by documentation, are used to determine what can (or cannot) be paid or reimbursed by the University.