1. New carbon nanotube-based foam promises superior protection against concussions

    Photo of postdoctoral research associate Komal Chawla, who studies the architected vertically aligned carbon nanotube foam in the lab. JOEL HALLBERG

    Developed by University of Wisconsin–Madison engineers, a lightweight, ultra-shock-absorbing foam could vastly improve helmets designed to protect people from strong blows. The new material exhibits 18 times higher specific energy absorption than the foam currently used in U.S. military combat helmet liners, as well as having much greater strength and stiffness, which could allow it […]

  2. UWM alum helps uncover oldest-ever human footprints discovered in North America

    Photo of soil rich with gypsum, which helped preserve human footprints from some 23,000 years ago at what is now White Sands National Park. (Photo courtesy of the National Park Service)

    Millennia ago, before the pyramids were built, before the development of pottery, before mammoths and mastodons went extinct, children were splashing in puddles on the shores of paleo-lake Otero in the Tularosa Basin. Nearby, a mother walked along the shore, holding a baby on one hip. A hunter stalked his prey. Behind them, they left […]

  3. Water and Environmental Analysis Lab at UW-Stevens Point, Clean Water Act mark 50 years

    Photo of UWSP sophomore Lizzi Gizzi working on a project in the Water and Environmental Analysis Lab, where she has worked since her first year at UWSP.

    Fifty years ago, a landmark law was passed to protect and restore national waterways, which are vital to our health, ecosystems and economy. Since 1972, the Clean Water Act has helped prevent, reduce and eliminate pollution and create water that is drinkable, fishable and swimmable. That same year, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point created a […]

  4. Blugolds gain job skills, connections through UW-Eau Claire’s new international internship program

    Photo of Ellie Fernandez’s internship at a film and theater studio in London, which gave her new skills and connections as well as the opportunity to explore a city that’s always interested her. After she graduates, she is considering pursuing a career in marketing, development or production within the film industry. Fernandez is among the first Blugolds to complete internships through UW-Eau Claire’s new international internship program, which offers eight-week summer internships in several parts of the world. (Photo courtesy of Ellie Fernandez)

    When Ellie Fernandez came to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, she knew she’d have plenty of interesting experiences on campus and around the world thanks to the university’s stellar business and international programs. However, Fernandez — an international business major and French minor who aspires to someday work in the film industry — never expected […]

  5. UW-Platteville Student Researchers Support WDNR, Trout Unlimited Conservation Efforts

    Photo of UW-Platteville students and faculty searching for native mussel species./Photo by Rebecca Doyle-Morin

    Mussels play a critical role in the health of Wisconsin’s rivers and streams, but according to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, nearly half of Wisconsin’s native mussels are listed as endangered or threatened, with even more listed as species of concern.   Wisconsin conservation groups and resource agencies have implemented stream restoration projects to help […]

  6. UW-Stout professor re-creates area landscape features to inspire award-winning digital art

    Image of UW-Stout award-winning digital art

    ‘After Arcadia’ wins juried art prize at M+DEV Midwest Game Developers conference The natural environment of west-central Wisconsin helped inspire an award-winning piece of 3D art created by a UW-Stout game design professor. Andrew Williams’ still image of ancient ruins, “After Arcadia,” won the juried art contest at the M+DEV Midwest Game Developers conference held recently at […]

  7. A grand opening for UWM’s Ziemer Clinical Simulation Center

    Photo of clinical instructor Allison Grady shows a baby manikin to guests touring the Ziemer Simulation Center. Looking on are Theresa Robinson (from left), Dave Robinson, Jos. Sauer and Kathryn Sauer. (UWM Photo/Troye Fox)

    UWM celebrated the opening of the James and Yvonne Ziemer Clinical Simulation Center, a state-of-the-art facility designed to train the next generation of health care professionals, with a grand opening event on Nov. 1. Dozens of students, faculty, staff, campus leaders and community members got a look at the 22,000-square-foot center at the Northwest Quadrant during the invitation-only event. The center, […]

  8. UW-Platteville dedicates Vietnam Veterans Memorial, honors students and alumni killed in action

    Photo of the unveiling of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial at UW-Platteville. (from left to right) Greg Tremelling, Coordinator of UW-Platteville’s Wright Center for Non-Traditional and Veteran Students; Dr. James Lawton; Interim Chancellor Tammy Evetovich; Lt. Col. Mac Kolar; Interim Provost Wayne Weber; and Professor of History Dr. David Krugler. (Photo credit: UW-Platteville)

    The University of Wisconsin-Platteville dedicated a Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2022. The memorial honors 12 UW-Platteville students and alumni who were killed in action in the Vietnam War. Nearly 300 people were in attendance at the dedication ceremony, including next of kin and friends of the 12 veterans being honored. “It […]

  9. UW-Superior students write and record radio spots telling stories of Indigenous women

    Photo of KUWS studio

    Students in Chantal Norrgard’s Study of First Nations Women class partnered with KUWS to write and record radio spots that tell the story of Indigenous women and their historical significance. Through the project, students learn to recognize the importance of First Nations women in the United States today and in history, and to educate others […]

  10. Fighting cancer with calculations: A mystery profession to most, medical dosimetrists target cancer from behind the scenes

    Photo of Medical Dosimetrist Patrick Melby who graduated from UWL with a degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology in 2012, applied for the medical dosimetry program in 2014 and was in the program 2015-2016. He now mentors UWL graduate student Paige Solie. “It is fun to watch a student — to watch the light bulb go on when they understand the concept,” he says. Photo courtesy of Gundersen Health System.

    Back in 2013, Patrick Melby was working at a plasma donation center when a patient sat down in his chair and opened a book with the words “Medical Dosimetry” across the cover. Fluorescent pictures of cross sections of the human anatomy and radiation symbols got Melby’s attention. The conversation that followed changed his career direction. […]