Calling All WISDM Users!

We are currently working on a redesign of WISDM, called WISER. WISER has a sleek, modern interface and new or improved functionality. But we need your input to make it even better!

To provide feedback for what you’d like to see changed, or suggestions for new items, simply click the “Comment” button at the top of the WISDM page in which you have a suggestion and send us your feedback on the form provided. Please include “WISER” in the form subject line and provide as much detail as you can, to help us.

We appreciate it!

WISDM is the online Wisconsin DataMart for UW’s Shared Financial System (SFS). WISER is an improved, redesigned version of WISDM. WISER’s modern, robust enterprise platform will provide enhanced, efficient and more agile reporting.




Below is a link to frequently asked questions about WISDM


WISDM Support Contacts


Updated 09/20/16
* = Primary Administrator

InstitutionContact NamePhone NumberEmail Address
UW CollegesLaurie Grigg*
UW - Eau ClaireJackie Kriesel*
UW - ExtensionJessica
UW - Green BaySuAnn Detampel920-465-2302
UW - La CrosseSandy Chapman*
UW - MadisonWISDM RSP*
 SFS Team
UW - MilwaukeeDavid
UW - OshkoshDeborah
UW - ParksideScott
UW - PlattevilleCathy
UW - River FallsDavid Sorenson*
UW - Stevens PointRobyn Bolton*
UW - StoutLeigh
UW - SuperiorRobert
 UW - SystemGinger
 UW - WhitewaterVonnie Buske*
Additional Contacts:Controllers
 UWSA Problemsolvers


WISER Training Materials

WISER Available Pages & Content


Currently available in WISER:

  • Department Search
  • Expense Data from e-Reimbursement
  • Detailed Transaction Search

WISER Upcoming Pages & Content



  • Trust Funds
  • Sponsored Projects
  • Project Lite
  • Gifts


  • Salaries and Encumbrances
  • Tuition Remission

Accounts Payable/ Purchasing

  • Purchase Orders
  • Vouchers
  • Vendors


  • Budget Control Reports
  • Funding Inquiry
  • Query Tool