In addition to operational support of SFS, there are also various ongoing projects that UWSA will undertake to further enhance the system, improve business processes, and/or meet regulatory requirements. The page is dedicated to keeping the users of SFS informed of goals, timelines, and progress for each of these projects.  Currently our main focus is working on a transition to Workday with the ATP project to bring you an enhanced experience.  Here is a graphical picture of how our modules are being used:

Project Updates

(as of January 2023)


Green Bay is the only campus currently in process.

Lease Administration

GASB 87 (standard leases) was rolled out to all campuses in 2022.  GASB 96 (subscriptions) is currently in development with plans to be live in July 2023 for all campuses.


SFS Road Map

Please note that this road map is subject to change due to regulatory requirements, changing priorities, or other factors.  This represents our most current plan for the SFS Application over the next four years.

The current high-priority items for the roadmap are:

  • Production Support, including security updates
  • PUM image applications (annually)
  • Lease Administration module rollout
  • Conversion to Workday with the ATP project.