In addition to operational support of SFS, there are also various ongoing projects that UWSA will undertake to further enhance the system, improve business processes, and/or meet regulatory requirements. The page is dedicated to keeping the users of SFS informed of goals, timelines, and progress for each of these projects.

If you have ideas for future projects that the SFS Operations team should consider, please email UWSA Problem Solvers.

Project Updates

(as of March 2020)

NOTE: all project activity is in JEOPARDY because of the covid-19 response.


The SFS team is working now with UW-Oshkosh and UW-Madison to make sure the P-card module works for UW business processes.  The team hopes that those institutions will begin using P-card within SFS before the end of CY20.

WISDM App Access Removal

To better support the existing applications, SFS will remove the Application Access for WISDM users in late 2020.  The team is currently finishing up development for items that WISDM currently has, and WISER needs, as well as a demonstration for the WISER functionality.

ARBI Roll-out

UW-Madison is currently using the ARBI modules’ functionality within SFS.  The SFS team is working on expanding the functionality to additional institutions.

PUM/Ptools 2020 (Peoplesoft Update manager/peopletools)

SFS is beginning to plan for the PUM/Ptools 2020 project.  Based on the current schedule, we plan to use PUM image 36, and begin technical preparation in July 2020.  Our target launch for this round of PUM/Ptools maintenance is October 2020.

SFS Road Map

Please note that this road map is subject to change due to regulatory requirements, changing priorities, or other factors.  This represents our most current plan for the SFS Application over the next four years.

The current high-priority items for the roadmap are:

  • Production Support, including security updates
  • PUM image applications (annually)

Additionally, external project will have impacts on the SFS project, including, but not limited to:

  • SFS/BPLogix Integration
  • Others TBD…

Completed Projects

  • SFS 9.2 Upgrade – November 2018
  • Shared Vendor File – October 2018
  • Cash Management for UWSA – October 2018
  • Accounts Receivable/Billing (ARBI) Pilot – October 2018
  • Col/Ext Transfer – Oct 2019
  • PUM/Ptools 2019 – Oct 2019