Access to the Shared Financial System is maintained by the SFS Security Team.

Security Processes

Trouble Logging In?

  • Cannot remember password
  • Error when logging on
  • Locked Account

Contact: or call the DoIT Help Desk at 608-264-4357 and choose option 2. Have the following information ready if possible:

Employee ID (8 Character)

SFS Environment in which the security issue exists

Other Questions About SFS?


Resources for BU Admins

Separation of Duties Matrix xlsx

Who Needs to Sign a Form?

Adding Financials Access for UW Staff (ie: AP, PO, GL, etc.)

Adding Grants Access (Milwaukee and Extension)

Adding Grants Access (Madison)

Adding Expense Module Access (Madison)

Adding Access for Individuals that are not UW employees

BU Admin or Module Steward Requesting Access for Own Account

Removing Access

SFS Security Processing

  • All * fields on the SFS Security Authorization Form pdf must be filled in, or Security could delay or reject the form.
  • The latest form must be used, or Security could delay or reject the form.

Granting Access (Provisioning)

For most instances:

  • The user must sign the form.
  • Supervisor's signature is not required but is recommended.
  • A BU Admin must sign the form.

If the requester is a BU Admin:

If the requester is a UW Madison employee, for either the Grants (GM) or Expense (EX) modules:

If the requester is asking for technical roles:

If the requester is a non-employee:

  • Indicate on the form that the requester is not an employee and the project on which the person is working.

  • A Person of Interest (POI) record must be created for the person in HRS before the SFS security form is submitted. Local HR staff should be contacted to set up a POI.

If the requester is an auditor:

  • Internal auditors should be treated as normal employees.

  • External auditors (LAB, etc.) require a Financial Module Steward signature and should be granted the "UW_Base_User" role.

Removing Access (De-provisioning)

  • Only a BU Admin or Module Steward signature is required.
  • There are no restrictions on self-signature. BU Admins and Module Stewards may sign forms removing access from their own accounts.
  • Emergency access removals are allowed, but will require follow-up paperwork.

Signature Proofing Rules

  • Must have user signature for adding roles.
  • Supervisor signature is recommended but not required for adding roles.
  • Must have a BU Admin or Module Steward from the same specific campus of the user. (Module Steward trumps BU Admin, if in doubt.)
  • Must date/time stamp the form for the date/time received.
  • Must validate the user in employment system.
  • Must complete in 2 business days from the time of receipt of a valid and correct form.
  • Must contact BU Admin via email, or directly, with form issues as soon as an error is identified.
  • DoIT Security will consult the SFS Role Catalog for additional roles not listed on the SFS Security Authorization Form pdf .

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) was implemented for SFS in June of 2014. Users with core access to SFS are required to provide MFA credentials in addition to the user name and password to gain access to SFS. MFA was implemented to enhance the security of the authentication process for SFS. A One Time Password (OTP) device is used for the additional credentials.

How to Request a One Time Password (OTP) Device:

Requesting An OTP Device pdf

How to Request a One Time Password (OTP) Device When Not Based on a Campus:

DoIT Helpdesk Webpage

Trouble With Multi-Factor/One Time Password?

See the Process Overview

Security Contacts

Module Stewards are the Data Owners

ModuleSteward NameEmailPhone
DoITTammie Hodgsontammie.hodgson@wisc.edu608-342-6051

DoIT Module Steward:
Needs to sign for anyone requesting a DoIT/technical role. May also be the supervisor.
DoIT Module Steward signature is needed for DoIT/technical role access by functional staff.

FinancialsNicola Burtonnburton@uwsa.edu608-890-1632
Financials Module Steward:
Has been delegated to BU Admins at each campus from the SFS Change Manager.
Financial Module Steward signature is need for financial role access by DoIT/technical staff.
Grants for UW MadisonMark Sweetmasweet@rsp.wisc.edu608-265-9252
Grants for UW Madison:
UW Madison employees requesting Grants module access need the UW Madison Grants Module Steward signature. This includes BU Admins adding their own Grants module access.
Expense for UW MadisonLivvia Goff 


Expense for UW Madison:
UW Madison employees requesting Expense module access need the UW Madison Expense Module Steward signature. This includes BU Admins adding their own Expense module access.

Any question regarding the owner of a role is answered in the SFS Role Catalog xlsx file which is maintained for Security.


Updated: 09/14/2020

A Business Unit Administrator (BU Admin) at an institution is responsible for security requests, campus configuration changes, user preference setup and other items.  The current BU Admin for your institution is below:

 BU Admin
 Email Address
UW Colleges Lisa Fransee 608-265-5794
UW–Eau Claire Jackie Kriesel 715-836-2520
Angie Underwood 715-836-4554
UW–Extension*  Lisa Fransee 608-265-5794
Ginger Hintz 608-262-6010
UW-Green Bay Lisa Jackovich 920-465-2968
SuAnn Detampel 920-465-2302
**For HRS Users Maria Lindquist 608-890-0801
Tami Eberle 608-265-0634
UW–La Crosse Sandy Chapman 608-785-8599
Spencer Green 605-785-8730
UW–Madison Susie Maloney 608-890-3220
John Jameson 608-890-0253
Liv Goff 608-890-3120
Lea Erickson 608-890-1765
Aaron Ranke 608-265-0834
UW Madison- DoIT Tim Bohn 608-262-6272
Erek Isensee 608-890-2735
UW–Milwaukee Ted Wiebel 414-229-4952
Tom Osmanski 414-229-5240
UW–Oshkosh Deborah Matulle 920-424-3318
Jeanne Schneider 920-424-0717
UW–Parkside Jennifer Agerholm 262-595-2781
Jane Nikolai 262-595-2608
Ann Iverson 262 595-3155
UW–Platteville Cathy Riedl-Farrey 608-342-1435
Bobbie Post 608-342-1346
UW–River Falls Dave Sorenson 715-425-3905
Jody Nichols 715-425-3982
UW–Stevens Point Christina Rickert 715-346-3999
Mark Cychosz 715-346-4001
UW–Stout Kim Schulte-Shoberg 715-232-1285
Tracey Bauer 715-232-2344
UW–Superior Rob Waksdahl 715-394-8350
Jeff Kahler 715-394-8473
UW System Admin. Lisa Fransee 608-265-5794
Ginger Hintz 608-262-6010
UW–Whitewater Trisha Barber 262-472-2877
Dawn Marsh 262-472-5674

*UW-Extension and UW-Colleges is now closed, so request for BU Administrator work are limited to view changes.