Beneficiary Designations

Remember to review and update your beneficiary designations whenever there is a big life event to make sure that your benefits are paid according to your wishes. There are other benefit plans (non- life insurance) that have death benefits as well.

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Forms & Applications

Forms and applications must be received by your human resources office within 30 days from the date of event.



Contact your human resources office.

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After you retire from a Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) employer, you may return to work with a WRS employer as a rehired annuitant, provided certain requirements are met. There are no restrictions on what type of position a rehired annuitant can hold. Under the WRS, there is no limit to how much you may earn as a rehired annuitant.

After retirement, if you work for an employer not covered by the WRS there is no effect on your WRS annuity or benefits.

Who is a Rehired Annuitant?

A rehired annuitant:

  • Is receiving a monthly WRS annuity*; and
  • Had a valid termination; and
  • Served the minimum required break in employment between retirement and returning to work; and
  • Now works for an employer covered by the WRS.

*If you received a lump sum retirement benefit, you are not considered a rehired annuitant and your employer must enroll you in the WRS.  Note: Individuals who receive a WRS separation benefit or lump-sum payment must abide by the valid termination and minimum break in service rules as outlined by the Department of Employee Trust Funds.

Every effort has been made to ensure this information is current and correct. Information on this page does not guarantee enrollment, benefits and/or the ability to make changes to your benefits.