Photo of Alumni Director Kari Moody loads-up on Phoenix pride items from The Phoenix Bookstore.

Alumni Director Kari Moody loads-up on Phoenix pride items from The Phoenix Bookstore.

One of the things that makes UW-Green Bay so special is the commitment to the Phoenix family—and some of our alumni have been showcasing that commitment throughout the past year. In a collaboration between the Office of Admissions and Alumni Relations, a team of alumni is engaging with prospective students for Fall 2021.

When the pandemic began, students were in a place of uncertainty. Uncertain about next steps, about college, about their futures—but they bet on themselves. The Admissions team saw an influx of applications for the upcoming fall semester, surpassing the total number of Fall 2020 applications just a few months after applications opened. As students continue to make their college decisions, Admissions has the task of yielding those students to commit to UW-Green Bay.

That’s where alumni have stepped up to the plate. Director of Alumni Relations Kari Moody (’00) was searching for ways to get alumni connected with admitted students. Our alumni are extremely supportive—donating annually and even funding their own scholarships—but they don’t have many opportunities to interact directly with incoming Phoenix.

With Moody’s direction and a group of enthusiastic alumni, the notecard project was born. A team of alumni from many disciplines, majors, and eras of UW-Green Bay are rising to the challenge to write letters to our admitted students within their busy days. The ability to share their Phoenix story with the next generation is something that they’ve enjoyed doing—the numbers show it! With more than 5,000 note cards sent—their stories are traveling far and wide to our future Phoenix. Besides the notecard project, alumni have also stepped up to call students, write emails, and even take over the LifeatUWGB Instagram page from time to time.

We can confidently say that from admissions to alumni—this University is dedicated to the best student experience!

By Alexandra Campion, Admissions