Photo of the exterior of the new UW-Stevens Point Chemistry Biology Building

Exterior of the new UW-Stevens Point Chemistry Biology Building

The University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point has some of the highest enrollment science programs in the University of Wisconsin System, including more than 2,500 students majoring or minoring in biology, chemistry or other related sciences. To provide students and faculty with the best classroom and laboratory space for research and teaching, the university has worked with the UW System and the State Division of Facilities Development to design a new, state-of-the-art science laboratory/classroom building. The building opened in Fall 2018

Designed as a “science-on-display” facility, it houses the entire Department of Chemistry, and the molecular biology, human biology and botany sections of the Department of Biology. As an opportunity for recruiting new students into the sciences, and to complement its renown as a science-excellence campus, the new building added 176,500 square feet of working space, be a central hub of activity for campus, and is home to more than 45 full-time faculty and staff. It houses the department offices as well as the central offices of the College of Letters and Science. More