Photo of Logan Larson, a graduate student in UW-La Crosse's Software Engineering program, who has developed a new podcasting app, "Castify."

Logan Larson, a graduate student in UWL’s Software Engineering program, has developed a new podcasting app, “Castify.”

Logan Larson, a fifth-year graduate student in UWL’s Software Engineering program, has loved computer science since he was a kid.  

In fact, Larson’s mother has been a computer science teacher all of his life. He says he started creating his own video games when he was young, and as he continued to take courses throughout his education, that passion grew and grew. 

As a graduate student, Larson had the opportunity to participate in the WiSys “App Start” competition. This event allows UW students to pitch an original app idea to a group of judges for a chance to receive funding and assistance to make their idea come to life.  

Larson’s concept, “Castify,” revolves around podcasts. He says, “Podcasts don’t have a certain social media platform like other types of media, and I wanted to create something that puts all in one space.”  

Larson also mentions that his third-place finish in the WiSys competition gave him more fuel to turn his idea into a business. 

As this business continues to develop and grow, Larson wants students and funders alike to know that he’s looking for a cofounder as well as financial backing.  

“I’m hoping to see this project rolling by the time I graduate,” he explains, “I plan on working on this full time to turn it into one of the best podcasting platforms on the market.” 

Written by Maddie Kozel, English student

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