1. UW-Madison: Ultraprecise atomic clock poised for new physics discoveries

    Photo of one of the first steps in creating the optical atomic clocks used in this study, which is to cool strontium atoms to near absolute zero in a vacuum chamber, which makes them appear as a glowing blue ball floating in the chamber. IMAGE PROVIDED BY SHIMON KOLKOWITZ

    University of Wisconsin–Madison physicists have made one of the highest performance atomic clocks ever, they announced Feb. 16 in the journal Nature. Their instrument, known as an optical lattice atomic […]

  2. UW-Platteville electrical engineering students selected to present carbon nanotube research

    Photo of UW-Platteville student presenting research on electrical engineering at 2022 Research in the Rotunda event

    Two University of Wisconsin-Platteville electrical engineering students will showcase their research project, “Carbon Nanotube Electronics” at this year’s Research in the Rotunda held on March 9 in the state Capitol. Devon Lee, a junior […]

  3. UW-La Crosse youth camp offers crash course in STEM fields

    Photo: UWL's Hands-On Science camp June 22 and 23 will expose middle school students to a wide range of activities related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

    From making bouncy balls to solving a kidnapping, middle school students can gain hands-on experiences in the STEM fields during UW-La Crosse’s Hands-On Science camp June 22 and 23. The camp, intended […]

  4. UW-Eau Claire receives major NSF grant for summer undergraduate research

    Photo of Dr. Rahul Gomes, assistant professor of computer science, talking with student researcher Avi Devy Mohan about their 2021 research, which was a collaborative project with Mayo Clinic Health System.

    In late January, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire received an award from the National Science Foundation, which will offer opportunities for students to combine high-performance computing with multidisciplinary undergraduate research. […]

  5. Former Phoenix finds his niche and his passion in recycling

    Photo of Brent DuBois and his recycling business

    Brent DuBois ’01 (Business Administration), president and owner of Logistics Recycling, Inc., is a man on a mission, with a philosophical twist on a venerable sustainability mantra: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Rethink. […]

  6. Research to application — Fog detection software helps airlines keep travelers safe

    Satellite image: In 2021, the GOES-R Fog and Low Stratus satellite product became operational in National Weather Service offices across the country. Helping airlines and passengers avoid costly delays and warning smaller aircraft of potential danger. Credit: Corey Calvert

    Fog and low stratus clouds over airports can create dangerous travel conditions that result in costly delays and disrupted travel plans. The US National Weather Service offices monitor and issue warnings […]