1. Dr. Wags: A four-legged friend joins college student clinicals, preparing students to work with clients who have service animals

    Photo of Rossi, who can help someone play a game of cards.

    Motivation and support come in many forms, including a cold nose and a warm heart. The UW-La Crosse Health Science Interprofessional Research Center recently welcomed its newest staff member: Canine Companions Facility Dog Rossi. Rossi is a smart dog and the first canine to become part of UW-La Crosse classrooms — specifically clinical classrooms where […]

  2. UW–Madison launches PharmD Early Assurance, opening door for more Wisconsin pharmacists

    Photo of School of Pharmacy students at their pinning ceremony in May. The ceremony marks their transition from didactic course work to full-time experiential learning. UW–Madison

    The University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Pharmacy is introducing a new program that aims to increase access to pharmacy school and train more pharmacists to help meet the health care needs of Wisconsin. The PharmD Early Assurance program provides conditional admission to the UW–Madison Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program for high school seniors who want to become […]

  3. UWM scientist uses brain scans to search for ways to ease the effects of trauma

    Photo of Psychology Professor Christine Larson and undergrad Alexandra Lato examining a brain scan on the computer. Telltale signs of trauma can be seen in brain scans of people who have visited the emergency department. "We've probably scanned over 1,000 people at MCW over the years," Larson said. "It still feels like a privilege to see what's happening inside people’s brains." (UWM Photo/Elora Hennessey)

    When people experience a traumatic event, such as injury in a car accident or physical violence, most will rebound with no adverse long-term consequences. For others, the trauma sets off symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder that may last for years. UWM neuroscientist Christine Larson wondered why the effects of trauma vary so much – and […]

  4. Research for better running: Want less impact on joints? UWL PT research shows a simple cue can make a big difference

    Photo of Kelsey Redman, left, who says the results of her research on impact forces in running has also informed the cues she gives herself as a runner with two half marathon finishes so far.

    The type of cues that female runners receive can significantly alter their running pattern and reduce the stress they put on lower body joints such as the knee and hip. A study from a University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Physical Therapy graduate student found that the simple instruction to “land more softly with each footfall” is a more effective […]

  5. UW-Madison: Cancer diagnosis and treatment could get a boost from machine learning

    Thanks to machine learning algorithms, short pieces of DNA floating in the bloodstream of cancer patients can help doctors diagnose specific types of cancer and choose the most effective treatment for a patient.  The new analysis technique, created by University of Wisconsin–Madison researchers and published recently in Annals of Oncology, is compatible with “liquid biopsy” testing equipment […]

  6. Opening doors in public health: UW-La Crosse online master’s program seeks to address critical need

    Photo of online learners. UWL's new online Master of Public Health program is designed for working professionals looking to take the next step in their careers. The application window opens Tuesday, Aug. 1.

    UW-La Crosse is offering public health workers the chance to earn their master’s degree and grow in their career — all without leaving the comfort of home or the security of their current job.   The application window for UWL’s new online Master of Public Health program opens Tuesday, Aug. 1, with classes set to begin in January […]

  7. UW-Eau Claire alumna’s computer science skills helped her develop CaringBridge

    Photo of Sona Mehring’s early exposure at UW-Eau Claire to technology and the power of computers in the early 1980s helped her develop the communication platform CaringBridge that receives 300,000 visits per day.

    Sona Mehring’s early exposure at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire to technology and the power of computers in the early 1980s ignited a passion that led her to develop a communication platform nearly a decade before Facebook and Twitter launched. Today, Mehring’s private and ad-free platform CaringBridge is a 26-year-old nonprofit company that receives 30 […]

  8. New childbirth manikin helps UW-Eau Claire nursing students and community learn

    Photo of new UWEC nursing manikin. Utilizing funds from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. Innovation Grant, the UW-Eau Claire nursing program purchased Lucina, a new high-fidelity maternal and fetal training manikin.

    Pregnant people in rural communities are facing an uncertain future for health care options. With local clinics and providers becoming less accessible, they often are forced to decide between significant travel time or delivering in nontraditional settings. Fortunately, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire nursing program is ready to meet the needs of regional patients. Utilizing […]

  9. Making a difference with data: UWL sociology students assist La Crosse County program tackling substance abuse

    Photo of La Crosse County Circuit Judge Scott Horne and UWL Associate Professor Lisa Kruse. This spring, Kruse's Methods of Social Research I students developed a system for tracking the effectiveness of the county's Drug Treatment Court, which seeks to help those who have committed drug-related offenses successfully reintegrate into society.

    A La Crosse County program designed to identify and address root causes of drug-related crime is gaining momentum — with an assist from a UW-La Crosse sociology class. The county’s Drug Treatment Court was established in 2002 with the goal of breaking a cycle of repeat offenses. Using a combination of substance abuse treatment, rehabilitation services and community supervision, it seeks to […]

  10. UW-Stevens Point hands-on learning for pre-med students

    Photo of biochemistry and biology- pre-med emphasis major Payton Jorgenson shadowed Marshfield Health System doctors and physician’s assistants in Marshfield, observing rotations in family medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pathology, neurology and pediatrics.

    Five University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point students spent a portion of their time between semesters recently observing diagnostic procedures, lab techniques and surgeries at Marshfield Clinic in Marshfield. Nothing quite replaces the opportunity to watch medical personnel and physicians on the job for students interested in studying medicine. Thirty-three years and nearly 500 students later, the […]