New Employee Checklist

When a new employee is hired, with or without previous service, it is important to give the employee all the necessary benefit information. See below for a checklist of steps to take upon hire of an employee.

Determine Employee Eligibility

If you need to verify or identify a new employee’s benefit eligibility prior to the position being entered into HRS, these links are available to assist you.

Employee Benefits Package

  • You must provide all benefits eligible employees with the It's Your Choice Health Benefits Decision Guide.
    • If you provide the It’s Your Choice Health Benefits Decision Guide electronically, provide the employee with an additional link to the COBRA notice (or a paper copy of the COBRA Notice).
    • When deciding on distribution options for the It’s Your Choice Health Benefits Decision Guide, consider whether the employee has access to a computer for their job. If not, provide paper copies.
  • Complete Enrollment Deadline Worksheet and provide to employee. It is recommended that you meet with the employee to explain the Enrollment Deadline Worksheet and obtain their signature on the copy that is placed in their benefits file.
  • Let the employee know ALEX is available to walk them through their choices.

These presentations may be used in your benefit orientations. Access the PDF or PowerPoint versions as necessary.

2021 WRS Benefit Package - Faculty, Academic Staff, and Limited Appointees

2021 WRS Benefit Package - University Staff Employees

2021 Graduate Assistant / Short-Term Academic Staff Benefit Package

An Enrollment Deadline Worksheet should be completed for each new employee. Print two copies, one for the employee to keep and one for the employee to sign and return to you. The signed worksheet should be retained and filed in the employee’s benefit file. If ever needed, this can be used as verification that the employee understood their benefit options and deadlines.

Enrollment Deadline Worksheet xlsm

Note: Click the "Enable Content" button in the worksheet in order to see all content. Further instructions are included on the worksheet in the first tab.

Updated: 08/09/2021