Below are resources for benefits administrators to use when counseling employees.

Administrator Resources

Plan Group or Policy Numbers

Plan Group or Policy Number
ETF Employer ID Number 0001-131
State Group Health Insurance 83445
Dental Insurance 50316-001 (Uniform Dental) OR 50120-003 (Preventive)

50119-003 (Select Plan) OR 50319-003 (Select Plus Plan)

Vision Insurance 1029058
State Group Life Insurance 2832-G/ Billing Unit #: 285
Individual & Family Life Insurance 32871-G
UW Employees, Inc. Life Insurance 33977-G
University Insurance Association Life Insurance 32872-G
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance GTU 8364005
Accident Insurance Plan 76038

Lump Sum Default Hourly Rate

To track creditable service hours are reported to the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS). If an employee is paid on a lump sum basis, WRS creditable hours need to be determined.

If an employee receiving a lump sum payment has another position in the same employment category (not job title), the rate from that similar position is divided into the lump sum payment to determine the number of WRS creditable hours. If there are multiple positions in the same employment category, the lowest hourly rate will be used. Hourly rates are calculated by dividing the annual rate by 2080 hours, regardless of the employment category and pay basis. If the employee does not have a position in a similar employment category, then the WRS lump sum default hourly rate will be divided into the lump sum payment to determine the number of WRS creditable hours.

At the beginning of each fiscal year, an hourly rate is determined which is used when there is not an active similar position. Below the lump sum default hourly rates for the last five years are listed. For more information on calculating WRS credit review section I of UW System Administrative Policy 230 (formerly F29) Salary & Fringe Benefit Calculations.

Effective Date Lump Sum Default Hourly Rate (for WRS Purposes)
July 1, 2024 $34.14
July 1, 2023 $32.91
July 1, 2022 $31.81
July 1, 2021 $31.21


Updated: 06/13/2024