1. Be Backpack Savvy

    Back to school brings out the backpacks in varying sizes, colors and styles. If you or your child is using a backpack keep in mind the weight of the backpack and its contents should be no more than 10% of the wearer’s body weight. Previous studies recommended 15%. However that percentage has been lowered due […]

  2. Let’s Make that Desk Chair Comfortable

    People are all different sizes. And therefore should adjust their chair to fit them. Here are some adjustment options for making your current chair more comfortable as well as design factors to consider if selecting a new chair: Armrests: provide additional upper extremity and back support when in use. A chair with padded arms that […]

  3. Prevent Repetitive Strain at the Keyboard

    If rapid hand motion on a keyboard is what your day’s all about, then proper wrist and hand position are the keys to your ongoing comfort. Each time you touch a key, muscles and tendons in your wrists and hands move your fingers. Working with a straight wrist takes extra pressure off muscles and tendons […]