1. Are you at Risk for Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)?

    There are many risk factors for RSI. The well-known being–spending long hours working with a mouse or sitting in a poorly configured work area. But others are not readily apparent–leaning on your elbow compressing the nerve, sitting on one foot impeding circulation in the legs, pounding away at the keys or gripping the mouse too […]

  2. Dual Monitors…Double Trouble?

    Dual monitors are gaining popularity with no end in sight. The larger virtual desktop offers the ability to use two applications at once and the ability to drag items from one application to another. However improper placement can promote a double dose of unnecessary repetitive neck rotation. To head off trouble follow these tips: Determine […]

  3. Tips to Minimize Hand/Arm Discomfort

    Do you experience tingling or numbness in the fingers or hands? Shooting pain in the arms? Repetitive finger movements and awkward wrist positioning while using a computer may lead to or aggravate an existing condition to cause this type of discomfort. To minimize your risk and ease the pain, consider these tips. Lower keyboard legs. […]