1. Sit Correctly to Prevent Back Pain

    While it is okay to assume other sitting positions for short periods of time, most of your sitting time should be spent as described here for the least stress on your spine. Feet should be resting on the floor. Your knees should not be higher than your hips and make a habit of keeping your […]

  2. Tips for Laptop Users

    You may not use a laptop or notebook computer for the same duration as you would a desktop computer. But with a laptop, chances are you’re working in less than ideal conditions. Here are some reminders that could prevent a stiff neck, headache or backache, as well as pain in the shoulders, arms, wrists and […]

  3. Protect Your Back

    Among the most common and costly injuries suffered by workers are back injuries. The majority of lifting injuries involve improper lifting of common small items such as boxes of computer paper or stacks of manuals. Some tips for safe lifting: Plan your route so you have a clear path to carry the item. Have a […]