1. Employ Ergonomics Off the Job

    Have you ever noticed how easy it is to ignore discomfort when you are doing something you enjoy in your free time—discomfort you wouldn’t necessarily put up with on the job? You don’t mind spending all of a Saturday leaning over the engine of the classic car you are restoring, or sitting at the computer […]

  2. Ergonomic Office Equipment Cons

    No matter the advertising, marketing or even research behind an “ergonomic “ product, there can still be drawbacks or the possibilities for misuse of any of these items. Here are a few of the possible drawbacks or potential misuse of the most popular ergonomic items: Keyboard Trays: Reduces knee clearance. Some designs can be adjusted […]

  3. Kids & Computers

    Kids nowadays are becoming avid computer users at a much earlier age. They are being introduced to the computer not only in their own homes but also at daycare and school. These young computer users may be getting a head start on the skills and information to help them succeed in life. Unfortunately, they may […]

  4. Why sitting may be “bad” for you…

    Sitting down for brief periods can help us recover from stress or recuperate from exercise. But nowadays, our lifestyles have us sitting more than we move around. Are our bodies built for such a sedentary existence? Watch this TED-ED video for more on the topic. http://ed.ted.com/lessons/why-sitting-is-bad-for-you-murat-dalkilinc

  5. Packing Pain

    If you have school age children that time of year for back-to-school shopping is fast approaching. And fitting your child with the proper size backpack should be at the top of the school list. Things to consider when shopping for a backpack are: Hip strap designed to distribute the load more evenly Padded, contoured shoulder […]