1. Ergo Quick Check— Checklist for Office Workers

    √ Head and Neck: Upright and relaxed, balanced between shoulders √ Hands and Wrists: Relaxed and straight without bending up, down or sideways. √Knees: At about hip level—may be slightly higher or lower depending on comfort and preference. √Eyes: At a comfortable viewing distance; level gaze of the eyes falls into top third of screen. […]

  2. Study looks at the Negative Effects of Sitting

    A new study in Annals of Internal Medicine finds that too much sitting is linked to serious health risks, even for people who exercise regularly. With video.

  3. New Flexible Spending Account Vendor: TASC

    Effective January 1, 2015, Flexible Spending Account (FSA) services moved from the WageWorks system to a new system supported by Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC). The transition is scheduled to be complete by early-March. If you enrolled in an FSA plan for 2015, you should have received your TASC debit card at the end of […]