1. Forearms, Wrists, and Hands

    Cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs) result from the mounting effects of performing a task again and again in an awkward position and are among the fastest growing workplace injuries. CTDs account for 60 percent of occupational illnesses. Of these, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is the most frequently reported. Therefore for optimum comfort and to ward off […]

  2. Comfort at the Keyboard

    If your work day is about rapid motion on a keyboard, then correct posture, and proper wrist and hand position are key to your ongoing comfort. Finding and maintaining that comfort zone at the computer will unstress your muscles keeping them flexible so the wrists, hands and back aren’t over worked. Use Correct Posture: Posture […]

  3. The Adjustable Workstation

    One size does NOT fit all in an office workstation. Adjustability is key to a computer workstation; chairs, work surfaces, monitor stands, etc., should all be adjustable in order to accommodate the widest range of employees. Although employers may be reluctant to pay for ergonomic office equipment, experts insist the equipment is a wise investment. […]