1. Sit-to-Stand Workstation…Who benefits?

    A sit-to stand workstation provides a flexible design to transition from sitting to standing. A mix of which researchers say will minimize potential for adverse health consequences associated with both postures. However, not everyone will benefit from a sit-to-stand workstation. Included in this category are: People with orthopedic problems of the feet, ankle, knee or […]

  2. Awkward Posture = Increased Risk for Injury

    Certain characteristics of the work setting have been associated with injury. These work characteristics are called risk factors. And a major risk factor in many office settings is posture. Awkward postures are associated with an increased risk for injury. It is generally considered that the more a joint deviates from the neutral (natural) position, the […]

  3. Which is Better, Sitting or Standing?

    When it comes to a workstation, which is better, sitting or standing? Research shows that both prolonged sitting and prolonged standing are of concern. Therefore it is not an “either- or” situation. The more responsible approach is a combination of sitting and standing activities throughout the work day to minimize the potential for adverse health […]