1. Look to Lighting

    In many cases we look for a chemical, atmospheric gas or biological agent as the workplace contaminate causing headaches, when there’s another possibility–lighting. Poor lighting or excessive light can contribute to headaches. Consider these measures to improve lighting both at home and work: Eliminate flickering overhead lighting Provide better contrast with task lighting in addition […]

  2. Tips to Fix (and prevent) Repetitive Strain Injuries

    First off vary your workday tasks. At least every hour change your body position, work pace and visual demands. Go for a short walk. Our bodies weren’t meant to sit all day. Making a point of taking short walks as often as possible by sending a print job to the printer that’s farther away from […]

  3. It’s Up To You—Plan Out Your Work Space

    In a cramped, cluttered, awkward work environment, you are less likely to do your job well. A work space which is well-planned, orderly, clean and safe is a plus in producing good work on time. You may not be able to control everything about your work space, but there is much you can do to […]