UW System’s goal is to provide a safe and healthful higher education environment for faculty, staff, students, visitors, and persons utilizing UW System programs and facilities. There are a variety of factors that impact the safety and health of employees. Below detailed information on workplace safety for all UW System employees can be accessed.

In addition to special programs such as Take Your Child to Work Day, it may be irregularly and unavoidably necessary for employees to bring their children to the workplace. The University of Wisconsin System's intention is to foster respect for the needs of all parties impacted by the presence of children in the workplace. A University Personnel Policy is currently being developed around this topic so check back soon!

Based on 2011 Wisconsin Act 35, it is legal for licensed individuals to be armed with a concealed weapon. However, Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter UWS 18.10(3) prohibits a person from carrying, possessing, or using any dangerous weapon on university lands or in university buildings or facilities with certain exceptions. As an example, an exception exists for law enforcement officials.

See the general information page and frequently asked questions developed by the UW System Office of General Counsel, which provides further guidance on this issue.

UW System policy requires that a criminal background check be performed on each new hire for a UW System position (with limited exceptions). Criminal background checks shall be conducted on candidates recommended for hire either prior to the extension of an offer of employment or as part of an offer of employment that is made contingent upon a successful criminal background check.

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When inclement weather conditions exist, efforts are made to keep UW institution offices open and operating as normal to serve the public.  However, each institution has an inclement weather policy and, if necessary, Chancellors have the authority to cancel classes or close their respective campuses to the public or employees.  

For more information, see UW System Administrative Policy 1235: Inclement Weather/Emergency Conditions.

The Governor’s Executive Order #54 requires all UW System professors, administrators, coaches, and other UW System employees to report incidents of child abuse and neglect observed or learned of in the course of employment.

The Office of Compliance and Integrity provides guidance in complying with the executive order. These resources serve to assist each UW System institution in meeting its responsibilities under Executive Order #54.

Because children come into contact with UW System through various programs and events, the UW System policy requires all employees to report child abuse and neglect if, in the course of employment, an employee observes or learns of such an incident. The policy also extends to volunteers and contractors performing services for UW System.

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It is the goal of the UW System to provide a safe and healthful higher education environment for all faculty, staff, students, and persons utilizing UW System programs and facilities. The Office of Risk Management assists all UW System institutions with issues in the areas of:

The Risk Management staff directory provides contact information for staff and identifies areas of responsibility. In addition, OSLP has made available a comprehensive list of campus contacts and their areas of responsibility.