2020 Human Resources Summer Conference

July 30 & 31, 2020
Virtual Conference


The University of Wisconsin System Human Resources welcomes you to this year’s Human Resources, Payroll and Benefits conference site. The theme for this year’s Conference is We’re All In, where we will celebrate the many contributions and accomplishments of employees around the UW.

This year we have an exciting agenda planned, which will include Communities of Practice, virtual networking with colleagues and continued emphasis on sharing best practices across campus communities.   Come join us!




DAY 1:  Thursday, July 30th


Schedule of Activities


Welcome from UW System Human Resources Director of Talent Management, Heather Kennedy and Institutional Call Outs




Session #1: Returning to Work, Returning to Campus – Effective Strategies and lessons learned on the ground: Best practices for working remotely and returning to campuses after closure

Presented by Anna Golackson-Timblin, Assistant Director of Human Resources and Talent Acquisition (UW-Stevens Point), Pete Davis, Director of Facilities (UW-Platteville), and John Paquin, Director of Safety & Risk (UW-Platteville)




Session #2: The Legal Environment Amidst COVID-19: A review of what has passed and what to consider as you return to campus.

Presented by Jennifer Lattis (UW System Administration Office of General Counsel)


Wrap Up and Takeaways

DAY 2: Friday, July 31st


Schedule of Activities


Welcome Back - UW System Human Resources Director of Talent Management Heather Kennedy


Session #3: Biases are inevitable. Acting on them is not: HR is seated at the opening door of so many colleagues, employees and guests of the University of Wisconsin System. Recognizing and understanding that all people have unconscious or implicit bias is the first step of becoming aware of the influence that can affect working relationships. Based on research, bias is often deep-seated and stems from the many variables that have been placed on our personal chalkboards. Shifting societal attitudes begins when we understand how bias impacts our choices, which affects cultural change. Please join Dr. Kenny Yarbrough and Dr. Janelle Crowley as we explore history and how we have arrived where we are today.

Presented by Janelle Crowley and Kenny Yarbrough – University of Wisconsin - Whitewater




HR/Talent Development Community of Practice

Session Conveners:

  • Becky Schermer
  • Amy Sexton
  • Karen Callaway

Benefits and Payroll Community of Practice

Session Conveners:

  • Amy Chostner
  • Susan Voit




Keynote Address: Are you an INtrepid Leader?: This session will emphasize the mindset and skill set required to be bold and daring as you face future challenges in 2020 and beyond.

Presented by Cyndi Wentland (Intentional Leaders)


Wrap Up and Take-Away

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