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Environment, Health and Safety

As part of the mission of the Office of Risk Management (ORM), we assist University of Wisconsin System campuses with issues in environmental and occupational safety & health issues. This Environment, Health & Safety website is one of the resources we use to support campus staff responsible for environmental management and occupational safety programs at each UW System campus.

The Environment, Health & Safety website is organized into several main topic areas. There is also a search box at the upper right of each page.


This section covers environmental management topics, in particular those related to regulatory requirements for the federal Environmental Protection Agency and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Hazardous Materials

This section applies to a broad definition of hazardous materials, including chemical, radioactive, or biological. Pages may be organized by specific material (e.g. asbestos or mercury) or by activity (e.g. transportation or storage compatibility), and will frequently cover regulatory requirements from multiple agencies.

Occupational Safety

This section covers many occupational safety and health topics found at University of Wisconsin System campuses, including: confined space; equipment, machines, and tools; ergonomics; fire safety; hazard communication; indoor air quality; and, personal protective equipment.


This section covers general EH&S training issues. Training issues on a specific topic are covered on the webpage for that specific topic under Environmental Affairs, Hazardous Materials, or Occupational Safety.


This publication was prepared for environmental, health and safety staff at University of Wisconsin System campuses, to assist in finding resources and information for regulatory compliance. It is not intended to render legal advice.

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