earthAs part of the mission of the Office of Risk Management (ORM), we assist our campuses with environmental affairs while maintaining our commitment to the mission of the University of Wisconsin System.

We strive to meet this goal by supporting the management and staff responsible for environmental management programs at each UW System campus.

Because robust campus environmental programs are key to meeting our commitment to environmental stewardship, the campus environmental manager plays a significant role in this process. Environmental compliance at the campus level is complicated:

  • A multitude of federal, state and local regulations impact the campus environmental compliance requirements
  • The variety of academic programs and support services provided at the typical campus create numerous waste streams that must be managed
  • Mandatory state contracts for management of some of these waste streams both assist and complicate the process
  • Unique campus culture and complexity of waste stream sources require establishing working partnerships with many campus staff

This section covers environmental management topics, in particular those related to regulatory requirements for the federal Environmental Protection Agency and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Please select a topic from the menu at left.


This publication was prepared for environmental, health and safety staff at University of Wisconsin System campuses, to assist in finding resources and information for regulatory compliance. It is not intended to render legal advice.

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