The Occupational Safety website covers many occupational safety and health topics found at University of Wisconsin System campuses.

Staff at UW System campuses can contact our office with questions about occupational safety and health. Contact information is available at the bottom of each page.

Safety Initiative

The purpose of management led safety  is to demonstrate a visible commitment to safety by upper management, supervisors, and employees. This culture will share an unshakable belief among all employees that the safety of people and property is not to be compromised, cannot be delegated and requires active participation by all and is not dependent on one or two people for its success. Safety is everyone’s responsibility in order to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

Below are some sample forms

Return to Work Guidelines Sample Safety Policy

Toolbox Talks

  • Safety Committees

    The purpose of an organization’s safety committee is to bring a representation of employees and management together to discuss and promote occupational safety and health within that organization.

  • Wisconsin Fatality Factsheet

    Commit to a Safe and Healthy Workplace in 2015
    Workplace Safety Happens on Purpose – Not By Accident




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Program implemented with all initiative costs completed or BSRM extension with final completion date of 8.30.15