The Learning Technology Development Council (LTDC), a recognized unit of the UW System Office of Learning and Information Technology (OLIT), brings together learning technologists, instructional designers, and faculty technology support professionals on all UW campuses in their quest to support faculty and students to integrate instructional technology with the goal to improve student learning outcomes.

Each campus has an official representative appointed by the Provost (15 total). The Director of Learning Technology Development at OLIT plays the liaison role to serve as the communication channel among the campus LTDC representatives in successfully carrying out the LTDC mission and plan and in managing the LTDC resources.

LTDC Mission

The mission of the LTDC is to encourage UW System-wide collaboration among campuses, and support individual campus efforts, that promote the pedagogically-sound use of technology in teaching and learning, as well as explore the use of existing, new and emerging technologies in higher education.

LTDC Vision

The vision of the LTDC is to enable, on UW System campuses, highly engaged and collaborative teaching and learning environments that are enhanced by the pedagogically-sound use of technology to foster active learning and critical thinking.

LTDC monthly meeting resources can be viewed and shared by LTDC Representatives, Backup Representatives, and Friends through this Canvas Self-Enrollment link.

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