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All UW Institutions work alongside UW System Administration to facilitate the advancement of the support and implementation of information technology, and library services in learning and administration. The Systemwide Information Technology site documents and promotes the actions, direction and policies of the University of Wisconsin, and it’s member institutions.

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Planned System Outages

UW systemwide IT outages

  1. UWSysNet - WIN Network Upgrades

    On 4/25/218 from 00:01 - 05:00, WIN will be upgrading capacity in their network. The work is not expected to be service affecting but in the event of an outage, the following circuits could be affected:

    602001-EWINL = UW Platteville backup
    602003-EWINL = UW Whitewater backup
    602005-EWINL = UW Lacrosse backup
    602039-EWINL = UWC Richland Center primary
    602692-EWINL = UW-Ext UphamWoods

    4/26 is reserved as a backup day

  1. ECMS Maintenance

    Enterprise Content Management Service (ECMS) will be unavailable as maintenance is performed

  1. HRS Maintenance

    HRS - Human Resource System will be unavailable for approximately 5 minutes as the system is rebooted

  1. WisDOT Fiber Maintenance

    WisDOT will be performing network maintenance (fiber splicing) in Milwaukee area on Monday, April 30th, beginning at 7:00 PM and ending at 5:00 AM the following morning. The work is located at I-894 and 20th St, which is to repair the partially damaged cable.

    This work will affect the following UWSysNet circuits:

    uwmad-0030 UWSys-UWMilwaukee-Chicago1-100ge
    uwmad-0055-p UWSys-UWMadison-Minneapolis3-Level3-10ge-p
    uwmad-0062 UWSys-UWRiverFalls-UWMilwaukee-10ge
    uwmad-0063 UWSys-UWStout-UWMilwaukee-10ge
    uwmad-0064-p UWSys-MICE-UWMilwaukee-10ge-p
    uwmad-0065 UWSys-UWMadison2-Chicago2-100ge
    UW Parkside UW Milwaukee 10GE

  1. WisDOT Network Maintenance - Madison, WI Area

    WisDOT will be splicing in the Madison, WI area starting Thursday, 4/26, at 7:00 p.m. and ending on Friday, 4/27, at 5:00 a.m.

    This work is not expected to be service affecting but in the event of an outage the following circuits could go down:

    uwmad-0033 UWSysNet-Pvtl-Milw-10ge
    uwmad-0035-p UWSys-UWEauClaire-Madison-10ge-P
    uwmad-0036-p UWSys-UWStout-Madison-10ge-P
    uwmad-0037-p UWSys-UWSuper-Barron-Mad-10ge-P
    uwmad-0047 UWSys-Osh-Mad
    uwmad-0053 UWSysNet-GB-Mad-10ge
    uwmad-0060 uwsys-uwosh-uwmsn-10ge
    uwmad-0024 UWSys-UWMadison-Chicago2-100ge
    uwmad-0031 UWSys-UWLaCrosse-Madison-10ge
    uwmad-0035 UWSys-UWEauClaire-Madison-10ge
    uwmad-0036 UWSys-UWStout-Madison-10ge
    uwmad-0037 UWSys-UWSuper-Barron-Mad-10ge
    uwmad-0041 UWSys-UWParkside-UWMadison-10ge
    uwmad-0044 UWSys-UWSP-Madison-10ge
    uwmad-0046 UWSys-UWRiverFalls-Madison-10ge
    uwmad-0049 UWSys-GPN-KC-Mad-1of2
    uwmad-0050 UWSys-GPN-KC-Mad-2of2
    uwmad-0051 UWSys-UWMadison-UWMilwaukee-10ge
    uwmad-0052 UWSys-UWMadison-UWMilwaukee-10ge
    uwmad-0055 UWSys-UWMadison-Minneapolis3-Level3-10ge
    uwmad-0065 UWSys-UWMadison2-Chicago2-100ge

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