Universities of Wisconsin Administration facilitates the advancement of the support and implementation of information technology and library services in learning and administration across all Universities of Wisconsin campuses.

Planned System Outages

Systemwide IT outages

  1. HRS- Human Resource System Outage

    HRS will be down for maintenance. HRS/EPM may be unavailable to users during this time. This also includes end user access to Self Service modules and Timesheet entry, as well as Applicants using Candidate Gateway. HRS batch processing is limited or suspended during this time. Maintenance processes in PeopleSoft require clearing application and web server cache. The HRS system to respond slowly, as cache is re-built, immediately following maintenance outages.

  1. Bucky Backup Outage

    All Bucky servers are being upgraded. Neither backups nor restores will be possible during this daytime maintenance (this work occurs during the work day to avoid conflicts with evening backup schedules). This work is occurring in a known maintenance window, and all customers have already been alerted.

  1. UW SysNet - CCI Fiber Splicing (Eau Claire)

    From 07:00 Monday 07/08/2024 to 05:00 Tuesday 07/09/2024, CCI (for CINC) will be performing splicing on Clairemont Ave and Menomonie St in downtown EauClaire to perform some bypass work in preparation for an upcoming construction project. A backup date for this work is set for the following day(s), 07/09/2024-07/10/2024. No outages are expected but it does put the following UWSysnet circuits at risk: UWEC:STOUT:UWSN111 UWEC:SUPER:UWSN110 UWEC:MINN:UWSN004 UWEC:UWRF:UWSN112 It also may affect the Centennial to CVTC UW Extension circuit.

  1. WIN Fiber Splicing - Hobart, WI.

    From 00:01 to 05:00 on Tuesday 07/09/2024 WIN will splice fiber in Hobart, WI. While not expected to service affecting, the work is adjacent to traffic bearing fiber which includes UWSysnet strands therefore the following circuits are at risk: MILW:UWGB-MAC:UWSN102 UWEC:UWO:UWSN120 UWGB:UWO-FOX:UWSN218

  1. Network Routing Migrations - CompSci (CSSC) Connected Buildings

    Network Services will be migrating a portion of network routing for the CSSC area connected buildings. This will impact: Transits to departmental owned firewalls Campus wireless service Non-firewalled subnets A 15 minute loss of network communications is expected while the migration occurs.