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All UW Institutions work alongside UW System Administration to facilitate the advancement of the support and implementation of information technology, and library services in learning and administration. The Systemwide Information Technology site documents and promotes the actions, direction and policies of the University of Wisconsin, and it’s member institutions.

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Planned System Outages

UW systemwide IT outages

  1. CINC Splicing in Eau Claire

    CINC fiber splicers will be splicing on Hwy 53 near Eau Claire each day from August 20-24 between the hours of 07:00 - 19:00. This work is not expected to be service affecting but in the event of an outage the following would be affected:

    UW Superior and UW Barron County primary 10G path.

  1. WIN will be performing fiber splicing in La Crosse.

    Work Description: WIN will be performing fiber splicing adjacent to traffic bearing fiber in La Crosse, WI. We do not anticipate any impact to your services.

    Work Location(s): La Crosse, WI
    Circuits Affected:
    602005-EWINL = UW Lacrosse backup
    602040-EWINL = UWC Richland Center backup

  1. UWSysNet - Troubleshoot Fiber Issues - UWSP - UWC-Marathon County

    On August 22nd from 1300 hours CDT until 1600 hours CDT UWSysNet personnel will be troubleshooting fiber loss issues between UW Stevens Point and UWC Marathon County. Although this work could be completed quickly, it may require access and troubleshooting at all sites including Wisconsin State Patrol in Wausau so the entire window is reserved. This work will affect the following circuits:

    uwmad-0034 UWSys-UWLaCrosse-UWMilwaukee-10ge
    uwmad-0035-p UWSys-UWEauClaire-Madison-10ge-P
    uwmad-0036-p UWSys-UWStout-Madison-10ge-P
    uwmad-0037-p UWSys-UWSuper-Barron-Mad-10ge-P
    uwmad-0043 UWSys-UWMadison2-UWMilwaukee-10ge
    uwmad-0045 UWSys-UWStevensPoint-UWMilwaukee-10ge
    uwmad-0048 UWSys-UWMadison2-UWMilwaukee-10ge
    uwmad-0051 UWSys-UWMadison-UWMilwaukee-10ge
    uwmad-0052 UWSys-UWMadison-UWMilwaukee-10ge
    uwmad-0057 UWSys-UWMadison2-UWMilwaukee-10ge
    uwmad-0058 UWSys-UWMadison2-UWMilwaukee-10ge
    uwmad-0064 UWSys-MICE-UWMilwaukee-10ge
    CWDM UWC Marathon to UW Stevens Point 2x1GE

  1. UWSysNet Router Maintenance at Marion,WI

    On August 22nd from 1400 hours CDT until 1800 hours CDT UWSysNet personnel will be performing routing engine maintenance on the Juniper MX104 regeneration router at the WisDOT hut in Marion. This work is service-affecting for the 2x1GE connection between UWC Marathon to UW Green Bay, but not the backup path between UWC Marathon and UW Stevens Point. Be aware that the preceding work will affect the start time of this maintenance as we will confirm the UW Stevens Point to UWC Marathon connections are working before we start.

  1. UWPDR, Person Hub Export Database Maintenance

    Databases UWPDR and PHEXPP2 are being upgraded.

    While UWPDR is down, data from sources will not be reflected in downstream systems until the database is back up. Other systems that depend on the Person Hub Export databases can follow this document to ensure availability to PHEXPP1 while PHEXPP2 is down: https://kb.wisc.edu/60684 .

    The services impacted by this work include:

    Lifelong Learners
    Local & Emergency Contact
    Photo Service
    Preferred Name
    UW Digital ID (One-Time Password, Certificates)

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