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All UW Institutions work alongside UW System Administration to facilitate the advancement of the support and implementation of information technology, and library services in learning and administration. The Systemwide Information Technology site documents and promotes the actions, direction and policies of the University of Wisconsin, and it’s member institutions.

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Planned System Outages

UW systemwide IT outages

  1. Cancelled: WIN Fiber Splicing - Neenah and Oskosh

    **This outage has been cancelled or rescheduled.** CANCELATION (6/16/21 5:30PM): WIN announced this maintenance has been postponed until further notice.

    From 00:01 to 05:00 on Monday 6/18/2021, WIN will be performing fiber splicing in Neenah and Oshkosh. WIN does not anticipate impact to other services on the cable but in case they disturb other fiber strands, the following Sysnet circuits could be affected:

    uwmad-0033 UWSys-UWPlatteville-Milwaukee-10ge
    uwmad-0035-p UWSys-UWEauClaire-Madison-10ge-P
    uwmad-0053 UWSys-UWGreenBay-Madison-10ge
    uwmad-0054 UWSys-UWOshkosh-Milwaukee-10ge

  1. Maintenance Affecting Multiple Services

    The following services will be unavailable while maintenance is performed:SIS - Student Information System,PRISM,Graduate Student Tracking System (GSTS),SFS - Shared Financial System,SFS - e-Reimbursement,SFS - WISPER,Planning Allocation System,Cost Transfer Tool,Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS),

  1. Maintenance Affecting Multiple Services

    The following services will be unavailable while maintenance is performed:Housing Administration Applications,SOAR Advising Module (SAM),Web Hosting,UW IT Website,Server Certificates,New Student To-Do List,DoIT Confluence Wiki,Planning Allocation System,Mass Emails,Storage,Wisc Account Administration Site,Shared Drive - File Storage,DAX - Data Access Tools,DoIT JIRA Issue Tracking,ECRT (Effort Reporting),UW-Madison Communications,Photo Service,Learn@UW System,WiscIT,AANTS,Wisconsin App,DNS,UWBI (Business Intelligence),ActiveMQ (Java Message Service),CBS,Pre-Posting Allocation Tool (PAT),DoIT Numbers,Campus Software Library (CSL),SOLAR,PRISM,FASTAR - MILER,PeopleSoft as a Service (PSaaS),

  1. Maintenance Affecting Multiple Services

    The following services will be unavailable while maintenance is performed:Elastic,Endpoint Security,UW SysNet,UW-Madison Communications,Web Hosting,Enrollment Date,Advising Gateway,Academic Navigator,SOAR Advising Module (SAM),Preparing for SOAR,Campus Network Monitoring (Internal),DARS - Degree Audit Reporting System,Photo Service,WiscIT,AANTS,UW Digital ID (One Time Password),DNS,Storage,Wisc Account Administration Site,Outage Page Hosting,ActiveMQ (Java Message Service),Event Management and Monitoring - IT,PeopleSoft as a Service (PSaaS),Security Event Management,

  1. WisDOT Fiber Splicing at Hwy 51 & Hoepker Road - Potentially Service Affecting

    On June 16th, 2021 between 0900-1500 WisDOT will be performing splicing at US51@Hoepker Rd. This maintenance is not expected to be service affecting, but the following circuit are at risk during the maintenance:

    uwmad-0024 UWSys-UWMadison-Chicago2-100ge
    uwmad-0035 UWSys-UWEauClaire-Madison-10ge
    uwmad-0041 UWSys-UWParkside-Madison-10ge
    uwmad-0043 UWSys-UWMadison2-UWMilwaukee-10ge
    uwmad-0044 UWSys-UWSP-Madison-10ge
    uwmad-0048 UWSys-UWMadison2-UWMilwaukee-10ge
    uwmad-0049 UWSys-GPN-I2-KC-Mad-1of2
    uwmad-0050 UWSys-GPN-I2-KC-Mad-2of2
    uwmad-0051 UWSys-UWMadison-UWMilwaukee-10ge
    uwmad-0052 UWSys-UWMadison-UWMilwaukee-10ge
    uwmad-0057 UWSys-UWMadison2-UWMilwaukee-10ge
    uwmad-0058 UWSys-UWMadison2-UWMilwaukee-10ge
    uwmad-0064 UWSys-MICE-UWM-10ge
    uwmad-0065-p UWMadison-Madison-Chicago-100ge-p
    Ciena - 2X100 UW-Madison to UWEC
    Ciena - 100G to La Crosse

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