Council of UW Libraries

The Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries (CUWL) provides a forum for library and information technology planning within the University of Wisconsin System. CUWL reports to the UW System Associate Vice President of Learning and Information Technology Services.

The Council’s purposes include:

  • Advocating within the University of Wisconsin System regarding library programs, systems and funding (including computing, telecommunications, resource sharing, and information resource structures)
  • Planning, developing, and implementing policies, procedures, and strategic directions with regard to system-wide library resources and programs
  • Informing local institutional administrators of UW System library initiatives
  • Participating in state-wide library planning and advocacy

CUWL has three coordinating committees:

  • Archives
  • Collections
  • Shared Systems

Additionally, CUWL has developed strategic directions that demonstrate alignment in the four areas of focus for the CORE Project (Commitment to Operational Reform and Effectiveness project):