The University of Wisconsin System is committed to a collaborative approach towards driving Information Technology direction, policy, and development.

To these ends, a number of groups exist to encourage cooperation, collaboration and resource sharing among the UW institutions. Some groups are coordinated by UW System Administration in conjunction with staff at the various UW Institutions, while other groups are driven by UW Institution staff to facilitate knowledge sharing, trends and strengthen the abilities of their members at each institution.


Common Systems Review Group (CSRG)

Budgetary considerations, oversight and leadership for large information technology systems used by all or most of the fifteen institutions in the University of Wisconsin System.

Council of Chief Information Officers

Provide leadership in the development and use of information technology. The Council supports the unique needs of each institution while providing a forum for the development of opportunities that become possible when the institutions work together.

Council of UW Libraries (CUWL)

Provide a forum for library and information technology planning within the University of Wisconsin System.

Educational Media Technology Council (EMTC)

The purpose of the EMTC is to provide a forum for addressing educational media and technology issues that affect individual campuses and the University of Wisconsin-System as a whole.

Learning Technology Development Council (LTDC)

Brings together learning technologists, instructional designers, and faculty technology support professionals on all UW campuses in their quest to support faculty and students to integrate instructional technology with the goal to improve student learning outcomes.

Information Technology Management Council (ITMC)

The University of Wisconsin Information Technology Management Council (ITMC) is established to consider information technology matters of common interest among University of Wisconsin institutions, and to address such issues as may be directed to them by UW System Administration.

Learn@UW Executive Committee

Provide vision, strategic direction and oversight for instructional applications and tools that support teaching and learning across the UW System.