The mission of the Technology and Information Security Council (TISC) is to oversee, develop, and maintain an enterprise, system-wide information security (IS) program designed to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Universities of Wisconsin information assets from unauthorized access, loss, alteration, or damage while supporting the open, information sharing needs of the academic environment. The TISC leverages the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) to comprehensively address controls across multiple areas of IS.

The vision of the TISC is to enable the instruction, research, extended training, and public service mission of the Universities of Wisconsin by delivering a robust and reliable IS environment that inspires innovation, collaboration, and trust. TISC aims to effectively manage IS risks to its assets and the UW System community through the following over-arching goals:

  • Prevent data loss or compromise that could otherwise result in significant risk to highly sensitive/personal or institutional data or reputation;
  • Improve the security of critical system and network services through enterprise, defense-in-depth approaches to reduce risks commonly associated with disaggregated computing environments;
  • Proactively assess, reduce, and manage risk in a manner that enables data/system owners, administrators, and the larger UW community to be more aware of the risks that their information assets are vulnerable to, identify controls to reduce those risks, and understand what risks remain after any identified controls have been implemented; and
  • Enhance crisis and IS incident response/management to enable the Universities of Wisconsin to quickly recover information assets in the event of a catastrophic event and to manage IS events more efficiently and effectively, thereby reducing or minimizing the damages to the UW community.


Ed Murphy
Associate Vice President for Information Security
Chief Information Security Officer
Universities of Wisconsin Administration

2024 Chair, Vice-Chair & Secretary

2024 TISC Chair Tim Bohn
Deputy Chief Information Security Officer and Assistant Director of Cybersecurity Programs and Business Systems
2024 TISC Vice-Chair Steve Ranis
Chief Information Security Officer
UW-Eau Claire
2024 TISC Secretary Louann Gilbertson
Information Security Officer