The UW System Enterprise Data Governance Council (EDGC) is the decision-making body that implements a set of data governance policies and processes for the stewardship of all UW System enterprise data and data processes.

The Enterprise Data Governance Council identifies, prioritizes, tracks, and resolves critical data issues. This includes establishing appropriate responsibility for the management of data, and the sustainable controls, data standards, and data policies.

UW System seeks to establish shared and standardized definitions for enterprise data to promote consistency and accuracy; develop and promote the widespread adoption and use of system-wide data governance processes; and improve the data utility, quality, reliability, accuracy, and timeliness to promote evidence-supported decision-making.


For 2023, the scope of EDGC’s work includes:

  • Data issues specifically concerned with the development of the ATP and the EAP project.
  • Review the EDGC charter at the close of the year to ensure the fit within future state governance remains strong and appropriate.

UW System Enterprise Data

UW System enterprise data is information that is generated, collected, stored, transmitted, or enhanced by or for UW System to conduct systemwide operations, management, auditing, planning, evaluation, and decision-making. Enterprise data typically, but not exclusively, are created from system-wide business processes and reside in central transactional or reporting systems.