Information Technology Management Council

Promoting effective and responsible use of UW System information technology resources

The University of Wisconsin Information Technology Management Council (ITMC) is established to consider information technology matters of common interest among University of Wisconsin institutions, and to address such issues as may be directed to them by UW System Administration.

The purposes of the ITMC shall be to:

  • facilitate sharing of experience and ideas to improve the effective utilization of information technology throughout the UW System;
  • encourage cooperation to ensure the most effective and responsible use of UW System information technology resources;
  • advise the University on all matters relating to information technology, including, but not limited to, instructional, research, library, administrative, and other uses of computing, telecommunications, and related technologies;
  • identify emerging technologies, national initiatives, and significant trends in information technology and communicate them to institutional leaders; and
  • recommend to the University policies related to information technology.

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