The Identity and Access Management Technical Advisory Committee (IAM-TAG) provides technical, operational and policy recommendations to the IAM Steering Committee, CIO Council, IAM Support Team and other key groups. The IAM-TAG consists of campus and UW System IAM engineering and support technologists and technologists from key Common Systems service providers such as Libraries, Learning Management Systems and administrative systems such as HRS.

The IAM-TAG guides the technical direction for the substantially rich and complex identity ecosystem for the UW System, and touches infrastructure across all UW System campuses. The IAM-TAG seeks to enable interoperability between campuses and to enable application owners to deploy applications securely and easily across large populations of users.

UWS IAM Infrastructure Diagram

The IAM-TAG works cooperatively among the various identity and service providers within the UW System, and identifies opportunities to leverage shared infrastructure or common practices to enable application owners and business units to securely and effectively deliver services to their customers