A new campus worker’s compensation coordinator can get personal training on the worker’s compensation process and on using the STARS Web Worker’s Compensation System. After your STARS Access Request has been approved and you have your login information, you can contact our office to schedule a training session. The resources used in training are listed below:

  1. Role and Responsibilities, Worker's Compensation Coordinator docx
  2. Checklist for Claim Entry pdf
  3. OSHA Tab Guide doc
  4. Worker's Compensation Entry vs. OSHA Recordkeeping doc
  5. Lost and Restricted Days docx
  6. OSHA Reporting Information pdf
  7. Recordability-First Aid vs Medical Treatment pdf
  8. STARS Data Field Definitions doc
  9. Worker's Compensation Payment Buckets doc
  10. GPR Funds List pdf
  11. Less Mousing doc
  12. Return to Work Guidelines pdf