This section of the website outlines the claims process and provides resources to Worker’s Compensation Coordinators. You can navigate the pages using the links below, or the sidebar menu on the left.

Initial actions of coordinator

  • Initial documentation, prioritizing the claim, and acknowledging receipt of claim.

Processing the claim

  • Discusses contact and communication, recordkeeping, processing forms and documents, return to work, and hazardous duty processing.

Enterprise data entry resources

  • Includes the User Guide and other Enterprise data entry aids.

OSHA recordkeeping resources

  • Useful tips on OSHA recordkeeping, including summary sheets, guides, the OSHA recordable decision tree, and WC vs. OSHA summary.

Cause code assistance

  • Flowchart and supporting information for categorizing the main cause of the injury or illness.


  • Links to resources used during training of new campus Worker’s Compensation Coordinators.

Role of coordinator

The role of the campus Worker’s Compensation Coordinator is to coordinate involvement of the supervisor, risk manager and safety officer on each worker’s compensation claim by assuring:

  • the accident or disease is well documented,

  • confidentiality of all information related to an injured worker’s claim is maintained,

  • the injured employee is assisted and supported,

  • risk and safety factors are responded to appropriately, and

  • all documentation is provided to the Claims Examiner.