Worker’s compensation can affect other benefit plans in which you are enrolled. Please contact your campus Benefits Specialist regarding your benefits.

Impact on leave benefits

Throughout the course of your worker’s compensation claim, you may decide which leave credits you wish to use, or you may elect not to use any of your leave credits. If you elect not to use leave credits while your claim is being investigated, you will be without pay. In addition, if choosing this option your insurance or retirement can’t be deducted and you will be responsible to make this payment separately.

If leave credits paid together with temporary disability benefits exceed your regular base pay, an overpayment results. Every effort is made to have the worker’s compensation payment and the payroll adjustment coordinated for the same period.

Impact on state group health insurance benefit

While your worker’s compensation claim is being investigated

  1. If you choose to use sick leave or other leave credits and stay on the payroll, you continue to be eligible to receive full University contribution toward premiums.
  2. If you take an unpaid medical leave of absence and therefore are off the payroll, you can personally pay for the employee portion of the premiums for the first three months while you are eligible for the full employer contribution. Following the first three months, you must pay the entire premium to maintain coverage.
  3. You can let your health insurance coverage lapse after full employer contribution ends and then submit an application to re-enroll within 30 days of your return to work.
    After your worker’s compensation claim is approved: You are eligible for the full University contribution toward insurance premiums while you are receiving either temporary total or temporary partial disability benefits. You will, however, continue to be responsible for the employee required portion of the premiums.

Impact on life insurance

You may be eligible for a Waiver of Premium for the State Group Life Insurance plan, or for Individual and Family Life Insurance plans based on the extent and severity of your injury. Employee Compensation and Benefits Services will submit the necessary paperwork requesting a waiver. You must continue to pay the premiums until eligibility for a waiver is determined.

Impact on income continuation insurance

You can apply for Income Continuation Insurance (ICI) while receiving worker’s compensation benefits. The benefits are integrated; therefore, payment received from Income Continuation is reduced by the amount received from Worker’s Compensation. Both payments when combined will equal 75% of your basic gross salary up to a monthly maximum of $4,000. If you carry Supplemental ICI coverage the monthly benefit will be higher. To qualify for ICI benefits, you must be totally disabled from your occupation. Contact your campus Human Resources Office for more information.

Impact on Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS)

While receiving Worker’s Compensation temporary disability benefits, you continue to receive earnings and service credit toward your Wisconsin Retirement System account. You may be eligible to also apply for WRS disability benefit payments if you are totally and permanently disabled. If you have reached retirement age, you can apply for a retirement annuity. Any payments received from WRS reduce the payments received from Income Continuation if receiving these benefits.