A physiological reaction or event caused the injury. For coding purposes, divided into
two types:

  • Physiological reaction to plants or animals
  • Physiological event (not plant or animal based)



Use code… …if this is the cause Examples include these… …but not these
1010 Reaction to contact with animal or animal dander. Includes but not limited to exposure to animal dander, urine, saliva, and
1020 Reaction to insect or animal venom Includes spiders, snakes, scorpions, bees (anaphylactic shock)
1030 Reaction to contact with plant Includes poison ivy, poison oak, plant thorn, peanuts
1000 Other physiological reaction to plants or animals A physiological reaction to a Biological Hazard (living substances) not
covered in 1010-1030.
1610 Allergic reaction
1620 Epileptic seizure
1600 Other physiological reaction or event (not plant or animal based) A physiological event is characterized by the vital functioning of body
organs, and is a personal medical condition. Includes asthma, fainting,
Allergic reactions (1610) Epileptic seizure (1620)