The event causing the injury is primarily due to the action or movement of animal(s).


Use code… …if this is the cause Examples include these… …but not these
0110 Kicked, stepped on, thrown from, or struck by animal(s) Falling off an animal is coded here, and not under Falls.
0120 Trampled or crushed by animal(s)
0130 Bitten or pecked by animal(s) Human bites (0740)
0140 Scratched or mauled by animal(s)
0100 If it is animal related and not otherwise covered Includes being struck by accessories on animal, i.e., ropes and chains. Reaction to contact with animal or animal dander (1010) Reaction to insect or animal venom (1020) Other physiological reaction to an animal (1000) Lifting, moving, or restraining an animal (1240)