An encounter with a physical structure, object, or projectile not covered previously in the flowchart.


Use code… …if this is the cause Examples include these… …but not these
0400 series Object An encounter with a physical structure, object, or projectile is the primary event that results in injury.(Coordinators should use one of the specific codes below, and avoid using the general 0400 code. If in doubt, contact a claims examiner.) Excludes incidents in which the structure, object or projectile is part of:
• vehicles (see 0600 series)
• tools (see 1700 series)
• machines (see 0200 series)
• motorized equipment (see 0300 series)
• needle or BBP-contaminated sharp (see 0700 series)
0410 Struck By or Against Door or Door Frame
0420 Struck By or Against Tree or Branches
0430 Struck by or against other object Objects being lifted, stationary objects, falling objects, fan blade, tool, sliver, knife blade (no BBP), athletic equipment or balls, pinched fingers between chairs/ tables, banged arm between cart and wall, etc.
(This is a frequently used cause code.)
Excludes: weapons or objects used as weapon (0520); syringe needles, or blades contaminated with potential BBP (0700 series).
0440 Struck by projectile Cabinet corners, stepping on protruding objects (includes stepping on plant/thorn with no allergic reaction)
0450 Caught in, under or between
(The person/ part of body is temporarily immobilized, stuck or caught in, under, or between objects)
An object being handled, earth slide, collapsing building, large furniture. Excludes incidents involving machines (0200 series), motorized equipment (0310 or 0311), or vehicles (0600 series).