These codes cover tool and machinery-related causes of injury.


Use code… …if this is the cause Examples include these… …but not these
1700 Tool-related (use of a tool). The injury results primarily from the use of a hand-held tool, and the tool was directly involved in the injury. Includes punctures or cuts from powered hand tools (power sources include compressed air, electricity, hydraulic pressure or explosive cartridges).Examples: drill, handsaw, hedge clipper, rivet gun, sewing needle, staple gun, utensils (e.g. can opener), appliances (e.g., blender), axe, shovel, rake, pitchfork, screwdriver, ice pick, hoe. Use of stationary power tools such as a press, band saw, or bench saw (see 0200 series, below).Repetitive motion (1400 series, Repetitive Motion).Exposure to a potentially contaminated object. (0700 series, Sharps Injury).
One of the 0200 series codes, below Machinery — The event causing the injury is primarily due to the action or motion of a machine.Machinery is defined as a device with moving parts used to perform a task, especially one that would otherwise be done by hand.(Coordinators should use one of the specific codes below, and avoid using the general 0200 code. If in doubt, contact a claims examiner.) Includes: table saw, drill press, milling machine, cleaning machinery and appliances, abrasive wheels, mechanical shears, conveyors, cranes, derricks, chain hoists, elevators and grain elevators, other fixed material handling equipment, plows and other farm machinery components. Events involving:Vehicles (0600 series)Motorized equipment, plant and industrial powered vehicles, tractors, forklifts (0300 series)Hand tools (1700, see above in table)
0210 Caught In
0211 Caught In (operator injury)
0220 Crushed By
0221 Crushed By (operator injury)
0230 Struck By or hit against
0231 Struck By or hit against (operator injury)
0232 Mechanical failure Including faulty wiring/electrical deficiency
0233 Person/equipment interface Includes: inappropriate interface fit; controls for operation are too close together; operator space requirements; control design, visibility, and color and sign coding; respirators do not fit the wearer properly