EDGC Decisions can be received via an RSS feed so you can keep up with changes. You can receive the feed in your inbox by subscribing via Outlook or using another subscription service.

Subscribe to the EDGC Decisions feed.

Subscribe in Outlook

If you use the Outlook client, you can receive updates in Outlook when a new decision has been added.

  1. To subscribe in Outlook, choose File > Account Settings.
  2. Choose the RSS Feeds tab and click the New… button.
  3. Enter the URL of the feed — https://www.wisconsin.edu/systemwide-it/category/edgc/feed/ — into the text box and choose the Add button.
  4. In the RSS Feed Options pop-up, choose the Change Folder. Choose the folder to which you would like the feed delivered.
    • If you would like the posts to arrive in your inbox with your other email, choose the Inbox folder.
    • Choose RSS Feeds or another folder to receive decisions separately from your Inbox.
  5. Click Okay to close the Choose Folder pop-up, then Close to exit Account settings.

You will now receive the decisions in the folder you selected any time one is published.

Other Subscription Options

There are many services that will send you an email when a new item is posted to an RSS feed. Some options include: