group photo of the Wisconsin Teaching Fellows & Scholars at Faculty college 2018

Back Row: Carey Woodward, Sutha Veerasamy, Jim Coons, Brian Car, Ross Jilk, Mert Kartal, Mitch Ogden, Co-Directors: David Voelker and Alison Staudinger; Middle Row: Sam Looker-Koenigs, Greg Cramer, Jian Zhao, Vipavee Thongpriwan, Mary Rohl; Front Row: Jamie Tester, Mita Banerjee, Claire Mitchell, Lama Bergstrand Othman, Jen Bird, Kayoung Kim, Rachel Knighten (withdrawn), Sawa Senzaki, Marcia Harr Bailey, Yan Wu, Sheril Gilberstadt, Sarah Scripp, Matt Ridenour (withdrawn); Michael Childers (not present). Photographed at Faculty College 2018.


UW-Eau Claire

Sheril Gilberstadt Scholar
Accounting and Finance, Management & Marketing | Gilberstadt Poster pdf

Jamie Tester Morfoot Fellow
Social Work | Tester Poster pdf

UW-Green Bay

Bryan James Carr Fellow
Information & Computing Science | Carr Poster pdf

Sawa Senzaki Scholar
Human Development & Psychology | Senzaki Poster pdf

UW-La Crosse

Claire Mitchell Fellow
Global Cultures & Languages | Mitchell Poster pdf

Suthakaran Veerasamy Scholar
Psychology | Veerasamy Poster pdf


Michael Childers Scholar
Labor Education | Childers Poster pdf


Vipavee Thongpriwan Fellow
College of Nursing | Thongpriwan Poster pdf

Jian Zhao Scholar
Civil & Environmental Engineering | Zhao Poster pdf


Kayoung Kim Fellow
Psychology & Education | Kim Poster pdf

Samantha Looker-Koenigs Scholar
English | Looker-Koenigs Poster pdf

Stephanie May de Montigny Scholar
Anthropology | May De Montigny Poster pdf

Roland (Carey) Woodward Scholar
Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, & Astronomy (CSEPA) | Woodward Poster pdf


Gregory Cramer Scholar
Institute of Professional Educator Development | Cramer Poster pdf

Madhumita (Mita) Banerjee Fellow
Sociology | Banerjee Poster pdf



Marcia J. Harr Bailey Fellow
School of Business | Harr Bailey Poster pdf

Yan Wu Scholar
Engineering Physics | Wu Poster pdf

UW-River Falls

Ross Jilk Scholar
Chemistry | Jilk Poster pdf

Mary Rohl Fellow
Art | Rohl Poster pdf

UW-Stevens Point

Mert Kartal Fellow
Political Science | Kartal Poster pdf

Sarah Scripps Fellow
History & International Studies | Scripps Poster pdf


Mitchell Ogden Scholar
English & Philosophy | Ogden Poster pdf


Jen Bird Fellow
First Year Experience | Bird Poster pdf


Lama Bergstrand Othman Scholar
Special Education | Bergstrand Othman Poster pdf

James Coons Fellow
History | Coons Poster pdf

Wisconsin Teaching Fellows & Scholars Co-Directors

Alison Staudinger, UW-Green Bay
Democracy and Justice Studies, Women’s & Gender Studies, and Political Science |

David Voelker, UW-Green Bay
Humanities and History | 

Office of Academic Programs and Faculty Advancement

Fay Akindes, Director, Systemwide Professional & Instructional Development | 608-263-2684

Catherine King, Program Associate | 608-262-8778

Diane Waters, Program Associate | 608-262-8778