Standard Job Description

A standard job description describes work at a high level and connects UW job titles to similar job titles in the market. It is a general set of responsibilities, without regard to any specific employee, that describes the work an employee performs and their role and impact to the organization.

Salary information for jobs outside of salary ranges 15-35 is located on the UW System Compensation Appendices webpage.

Title Details
Job TitleMedical Laboratory Scientist I
Job CodeHS022
Scaled JobNo
Salary Grade20
Family NameHealth and Wellness Services
Sub Family NameHealth Services Professional
Job Overview
Job SummaryPerforms medical laboratory tests and procedures to provide data to support the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Interprets results, quality assessments, and researches and adapts new laboratory methodologies to ensure effective testing output.
Job Responsibilities
  • Processes and performs routine to complex and specialized laboratory testing on biological specimens and identifies and resolves complex test problems
  • Analyzes, interprets, verifies, and communicates findings and test results to members of the patient care or research team
  • Operates sophisticated laboratory equipment, automated equipment, and computerized instruments, processing or conducting multiple experiments simultaneously
  • Reviews and troubleshoots laboratory results to ensure quality control and verify that results are within acceptable ranges
  • Operates, calibrates, and maintains clinical laboratory equipment
  • Logs data and findings and enters results into a patient’s medical records
  • Serves as a subject matter expert to internal and external stakeholders on specimen processing, testing methodology, quality assessments, and result interpretation
Additional Information
Employee CategoryAcademic Staff (AS)
Supervision RequiredNo
FLSA ExemptExempt
Education*Bachelor's Degree - Preferred Minimum

*All preferred education can be fulfilled with comparable experience, unless education is listed as required for the job.

Scaled Jobs in the Library

The title and salary structure continues the idea of creating additional job titles for some jobs found systemwide or university-wide based on a small, medium, and large designation. We call this scaling. If there is a scaled job available, universities should choose that job for their employees.

  • Scaling is not title progression.
  • Scaling is a type of further refining the market pricing for a job.
  • For example,


    TTC Title


    Athletics Assoc Dir


    Athletics Assoc Dir (B)


    Athletics Assoc Dir (C)


Institution Scale
System A – no ( )
Milwaukee A – no ( )
Eau Claire (B)
La Crosse (B)
Oshkosh (B)
Platteville (B)
Stevens Point (B)
Stout (B)
Whitewater (B)
Green Bay (C)
River Falls (C)
Parkside (C)
Superior (C)

Scale is based on the size and budget of a university.


(Inst) typically designates institution-wide or systemwide scope and a non-institution version of the same job title typically indicates use at a School/College/Division/Department-level.

Minimum Education Requirements

The minimum preferred education represent the systemwide shared minimum elements of each job description. When posting for an open position, universities can add additional requirements or preferences to their specific recruitment.

[updateD September 12, 2022]