Original Issuance Date:           July 1, 2015
Last Revision Date:                 April 2, 2018

1. Purpose

 The purpose of this practice directive is to reference the Board of Regents policy on consensual romantic and/or sexual relationships.

2. Background

 On July 12, 1991, the Board of Regents adopted a policy on consensual relationships, and it amended the policy in 2016.  That policy, now Regent Policy Document 14-8, Consensual Relationships (RPD 14-8), delineates when consensual romantic or sexual relationships where a power differential exists are prohibited.  The policy covers all UW System employees, students, and affiliated individuals.

3. Definitions

Please see SYS 1225, General Terms and Definitions, for a list of general terms and definitions.

4. Practice Directive

 In RPD 14-8, Consensual Relationships, the Board addresses relationships between an employee and a student and relationships between an employee and another employee, and it identifies when a relationship may result in a disciplinary action against an employee.

5. Related Documents

6. History

 Revised: 04/02/2018