Original Issuance Date: July 1, 2015
Last Revision Date:                

1. Purpose

 The purpose of this practice directive is to provide guidance in complying with the Governor’s Executive Order # 54 that requires certain individuals to report child abuse and neglect.

2. Background

 Executive Order # 54, issued by the Governor Walker on December 19, 2011, requires all University of Wisconsin System employees to report child abuse and neglect if, in the course of employment, a UW System employee observes or learns of such an incident.

3. Definitions

Please see SYS 1225, Terms and Definitions, for a list of general terms and definitions.

4. Practice Directive

The Office of Compliance and Integrity’s Legal Topic, Child Safety, provides information and resources on the requirements of Executive Order # 54.  The frequently asked questions include information explaining who is required to report, what must be reported, the timeframe of such report, and other important items including the protections provided to UW System employees who make such a report in good faith.  The Office of Compliance and Integrity should be contacted with specific questions.

5. Related Documents

 Executive Order # 54

6. History