Office of Risk Management

Facilities Central Data Request

General Technical Considerations

The CDR Facilities File may be submitted by institutions in 1 of 2 text file formats, either as a fixed length, positional file or as a comma separated values (.csv) file, whichever is easier for your institution to produce. Please only submit your institution's data once, and in only 1 of the 2 file format options. 

This has been the standard submittal option for CDR Facilities data.  All CDR Facilities File data is arranged and formatted
into a fixed row length of characters/text, where each row contains a single record's data, using spaces to pad left justified text fields and 0's to pad right justified
numeric fields to arrive at the desired row length of characters/text.

All CDR Facilities File data is arranged and formatted with commas "," used to separate data between the fields. Cell padding is optional and not required.  If submitting in .csv format please arrange the fields in the same order as they are listed in the positional file layout.

Field Specifications for Fixed Length, Positional Data Submission

Field Name Data Type Field Length Position Notes
Key Data:       1
unit (3010) CHAR (1) 1-1  
division (3020) CHAR (2) 2-3 2
facility number (3030) CHAR (5) 4-8  
Facility Data:        
facility name (3040) CHAR (40) 9-48  
date of construction NUMBER (4) 49-52 3
ownership (3060) CHAR (1) 53-53  
type of facility (3070) CHAR (3) 54-56  
funding source (3080) CHAR (1) 57-57  
area, total assignable (3090) NUMBER (8) 58-65  
area, total unclassified (3100) NUMBER (8) 66-73  
area, total nonassignable (3110) NUMBER (8) 74-81  
area, gross (3210) NUMBER (8) 82-89 2
address 1 (3200) CHAR (30) 90-119  
address 2 (3210) CHAR (30) 120-149  
municipality (3220) CHAR (50) 150-199 4
state (3230) CHAR (2) 200-201 5
zip code (3240) NUMBER (9) 202-210 6
county (3250) CHAR (30) 211-240  
utility indicator (4340) CHAR (1) 241-241 7
central utility, chilled water (4370) CHAR (1) 242-242 7
central utility, steam  (4380) CHAR (1) 243-243 7
area gross, gpr % (4390) NUMBER (5) 244-248
condition rating, functional (4400) CHAR (1) 249-249
condition rating, physical (4410) CHAR (3) 250-252 8


FTP file ASCII(text) and not binary format.

1. All fields with 'NUMBER' format must be unsigned numeric.

2. Not a required field (3020 and 3210).

3. 'Date of Construction' must be 'YYYY' (e.g., 1992).

4. Element number 3220 must be either City of ___, Town of ____ or Village of ____.

5. Element number 3230 will default to 'WI'.

6. Element number 3240 must be zip plus four without the dash.

7. Utility Indicators must be 'Y' or 'N' (yes or no).

8. Applies to building records only (Element 3070, Type of Facility B##). Pad with leading spaces (i.e. "__i" or "_ii" or "_iv" or "__v")

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General Technical Considerations

There are several general guidelines which are common to the preparation and processing of all data submission files. These common guidelines are discussed below, while the instructions specific to the individual data submission files are contained within the Data Element Dictionary itself.

Changes in Entity Keys

If the entity within the curricular or student data area changes between data submissions, a list of such changes must accompany the submission which contains the changed key(s).

Field Justification

Right-justify and zero-fill all fields which are to be used in calculations. All such fields are identified with an asterisk (*) on the Data Element lists contained within the sections that follow. All numeric fields must be unsigned.

All other fields are left-justified and blank-filled. (Also note the Coding Considerations in the Data Element Dictionary.)

Data Submission via FTP

The following information is needed for submitting the Facility CDR data via FTP.

Facility CDR destination site: (must be lower case)

Destination file name: WXXXZZZ.YYYT*
XXX = CDR (CDR file)
ZZZ = PHY (Physical Facility)
YYY = year (e.g., 134 for 2013-14)
T = A (annual)
* = Institution Code

Sample: WCDRPHY.134AK (2013-14 Annual file for Stevens Point)

Re-Submission of CDR Files

Re-submission of CDR files may be requested by System Administration or may be initiated by an institution. If an institution decides to re-submit a CDR file, an email informing System Administration of this intention should be sent to the appropriate data manager.