Office of Risk Management

The Office of Risk Management has responsibility for the respective areas of Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Management, Risk Management and Worker's Compensation. The office was formed in 1994 (originally named the Office of Safety and Loss Prevention) to assure that the UW System's financial, physical, environmental and human assets are protected from loss and destruction and managed in a consistent fashion.

Office resources:  

Director: Dave Pulda (608) 263-4381

Mission Statement

It is the goal of the UW System to provide a safe and healthful higher education environment for faculty, staff, students, and persons utilizing UW programs and use UW facilities.

We strive to meet this goal with:

  • proactive loss prevention, health, safety, and environmental management;
  • quality claims management;
  • protection of UW assets.

No job or course of academic study is so important and no request so urgent that one cannot take time to perform that function safely and in compliance with overall environmental regulation.

Throughout the UW System, the respective functions of Worker's Compensation, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety and Risk Management should coordinate to provide comprehensive technical and responsive service.

Faculty, management and supervisors are responsible for demonstrating leadership in developing proper attitudes toward environmental health and safety, and providing necessary resources to conduct activities safely and ensure environmental compliance.

Employees and students are responsible for the continuous practice of safety while performing their duties. This requires cooperation with all aspects of environmental health, safety, and risk management policies and guidelines.


Last updated: March 3, 2014