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Support networks matter.

Whether you are a parent, guardian, family member, or just a student supporter, you are our partner in student success.

The Universities of Wisconsin know that when students have support networks, they are more likely to learn, thrive, and achieve their educational and career goals. We encourage you to become familiar with the many resources and opportunities that support learning and success on each UW university campus. Our universities host events for parents and families, share campus news, and provide regular updates and reminders that allow you to be a resource for your student.

Every student’s college journey is unique and their relationships with parents, families, and supporters are unique as well. Although we know that your relationship and engagement with your student will transition over time, we encourage you to partner with us on this college journey.

Access to Student Information

As a parent, guardian or family member, you understandably have a vested interest in the academic, financial and personal lives of your student. However, at age 18, students have legally granted privacy rights that prevail in all university procedures and processes. From grades and schedules to billing and payment information, these records belong to the student and the student alone. This can be tough to swallow as the parent or guardian who may be paying the bill – we get it.

In order to gain access to information about these topics, we encourage you to have a conversation with your student about what types of information you would like to access. Each UW university has a process that allows students to grant official access to specific information to designated individuals. You can learn more by visiting the university website or contacting an admission representative.