Removing barriers.

Photo of student on laptopThe Universities of Wisconsin are committed to providing equal access and opportunity for all students. Offices at each UW university serve students with disabilities by providing a range of services and accommodations to ensure that facilities, programs, and experiences are accessible.

To ensure that you have the best possible college and learning experience, students with disabilities are encouraged to connect with the disability/accessibility services office at their UW university as early as possible, even before deciding to enroll. Learning about services available and documentation requirements will prepare you for what to expect and what actions you need to take to have a plan in place by the time classes begin.  

If you are a student who had accommodations and used accessibility resources in high school or at another college, please be aware that support for students with disabilities might look somewhat different at a UW university. Please note the following:

  • High schools and colleges do not proactively disclose information about students with disabilities with UW universities. It’s up to the student to share information with the office on their UW university campus.
  • The type of accommodations, services, and resources available to college students differ from those available in high school and are governed by different laws.
  • Students are in the driver’s seat when navigating the disability accommodation process. Any parental involvement requires formal consent from the student. See the Parent or Family Member page for more about this.

Start the process of learning about disability support resources at our universities today.